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What is the bio-availability of our CBD bath-bombs when placed into a bath of water?


There is no actual real “water soluble” just water compatible oils that have been nano-emulsified to give the appearance of being soluble. The process does actually allow for better absorption through the skin. The skin has the most abundance of cannabinoid receptors. It is therefore a highly effective way to uptake cannabinoids
We found that baths all hold a differing volumes of water. Other variables include time in bath, skin condition and the amount of times your body will rise and submerge through the film of oils on the surface.  Whether its male (high collagen) or female (low collagen) skin and temperature of water was also a factor.
So, its extremely hard to gauge efficacy. but up-take can be anywhere between 50-80%. Considering drops and edibles can have bio-availability as low as 20%, using bath-bombs can be very effective.
What i will say is they’re great. And that is the general response. Affording a day and sometimes two of relief and relaxation. leaving the skin feeling highly emolliated and muscles relaxed.
Have a merry christmas folks and thank yuo for your dedicated custom. Take care and stay safe over the festive holidays.
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CBD Bath Bomb

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