Why is our CBD Cooling Gel providing so popular in 2021?

In 2020 we partnered with one of the largest manufacturers in the UK of cosmetics to work on bringing our CBD Cooling Gel to the UK and EU market. Since the release of this product, we have seen a large uptake in athletes using this product who claim it boosts recovery and endurance during training.

But why does this seem to work so well?

Studies have significantly proven that CBD is highly absorbed by the pores in the skin and does not enter the bloodstream.

Which results in it making it appealing to high-end athletes, professionals, and everyday users to provide relief.

When CBD is placed onto the skin it interacts with cannabinoid receptors through skin pores.

Our quality CBD at The CBD & Hemp Store in our CBD Cooling Gel can overcome this work to provide relief to many people for various reasons.

Our CBD Cooling Gel contains 100ml of Cooling Gel with 200mg of pure CBD. With 120 applications per bottle, this product will last at least two months if not longer! This is uniquely suspended in an airless pump bottle.


Over the next number of months, we will continue to improve this product. Bringing out stronger variants with even more CBD and choice for consumers.  Why not try out this product? Its selling fast and we will soon be supplying this to some Olympic athletes.

Working with the guidelines we aim to be the first CBD Cosmetic supplier approved for use in high end sport.



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